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Autocomplex Dimitrov performs the following activities in repair of cars, trucks and buses.

  • Computer diagnostics and repair of electronic modules
  • Software programming of electronic modules
  • Repair of electrical installations
  • Repair of gearboxes
  • Fixation of the clutch and clutch shift
  • Diagnosis and management of air bag suspension (active suspension)
  • Replacement of airbags
  • Repair of automatic and manual gearboxes of cars, trucks and buses
  • Ремонт и стенд на ремаркета и полуремаркета

  • Repair of engines
  • Repair of running gear and transmissions of active type
  • Repair of front and rear axels and their suspension
  • Performing gas analysis and repair of injection systems for petrol and Common Rail (third generation) diesel cars
  • Repair and cleaning of fuel systems
  • Electronic diagnostics and repair of trailers
  • Repair of braking systems on all vehicles
  • Diagnostics and repair of construction and agricultural machinery

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