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The company was founded in 2005 as a small company with core business – auto service and sales of second hand parts. Over the years the company has established itself as a strong and respected partner in the servicing and repair of heavy and light vehicles and buses of the largest transportation, logistics and freight forwarding companies in the country through the proven quality of service provided and the correct observance of contracts and time.


Years in business


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Company Details

COMPANY: Avtocomplex Dimitrov Ltd.

HEADQUARTERS: Haskovo, “Momchil” № 3 Floor 3

COMMERCIAL ADDRESS: Dimitrovgrad, “Belia briag” № 5

PHONE: +359 391 66010

MOBLIE PHONE: +359 887 532 100




The main objective of the company is achieving a position of a market leader in the field of maintenance, repair and cleaning of light and heavy transportation vehicles. Maintaining an international parking and creating a logistics center.


The company employs highly qualified personnel with appropriate education and wide experience, including foreign companies with similar activities. The team consists of: general manager, diagnostics – engineer, auto mechanics, fitters, office secretaries and cleaners.

Our partners

We are very grateful to all of our reliable partners and satisfied customers, who have entrusted us with the maintenance and repairs of their vehicles. We highly recommend their services.

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